Friday, May 4, 2012

AT&T Offers Help Web Site for Owners of Stolen Phones

Lost, stolen or wet phones? Get a NO CONTRACT replacement phone at
Lots of UNLOCKED AT&T phones to choose from!

Stolen Phone Safety.Protect your phone and safeguard your personal information.
Recommended for: 
Small Businesses

  • Password protect your phone as soon as you receive the device.
  • Change your online and voicemail passwords often.
  • Protect your service. Add a security passcode to your account today.
  • Download device protection and privacy apps for your messaging or smartphone.
  • Don't text - just drive! Learn about the dangers of texting and driving.
  • Learn how to back up your SIM card contacts. Review the Address Book/Copy Contacts To/From SIM Tutorial at the AT&T Learning Center.
If your phone is lost or has been stolen, suspend your wireless service to protect against unauthorized usage. Our system will then indicate that your phone is lost or stolen.
To suspend or reinstate service, you must be logged in to myAT&T. Don't have a myAT&T account?Register Now.
  • Login to myAT&T
  • From the Suspend or Reactivate Your Service page select Suspend or Reactivate next to the phone line for which you wish to change the service status.
  • AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless does not block or restrict Push to Talk, BlackBerry email or BlackBerry® Connect services.
  • Call Customer Service at 1-800-901-9878 (Pay As You) or 1-866-499-7888 (Pick Your Plan) and advise them your phone has been lost or stolen and you need to suspend your account.
  • You will also need to cancel any AT&T Mobile Purchases subscriptions you have on your account by contacting Customer Service at 1-800-901-9878.
AT&T Mobile Protection Pack* is the most comprehensive protection for your mobile life. Mobile Insurance and Enhanced Support purchased separately cost $15.99, but now you can get both services plus Mobile Locate for just $9.99 per month.
  • AT&T Mobile Insurance: Replace a lost, stolen, damaged or out-of-warranty malfunctioning device. Next-day shipping (in most cases) of a replacement device. Available as a standalone service for $6.99 per month, per enrolled number.
  • AT&T Enhanced Support: Call or click for personalized setup, view interactive guides and access troubleshooting support for your device. Also available as a standalone service for $9 per month, per enrolled number.
  • Mobile Locate: Download the app and locate your lost phone with GPS or an alarm and remotely lock it to protect your privacy. Mobile Locate is included with the Mobile Protection Pack.
Buyer Beware! Did you purchase a new or used phone, or borrow a phone from a friend? We can't promise that your phone will work, but we can get you on your way if the phone is active and eligible on the AT&T network.
  • Look up device or SIM card unlock information.
  • If you find a phone labeled as "AT&T" and want to turn it in, please drop the phone off at an AT&T owned store. Find a store near you.
  • Have questions about a re-used phone? Visit our online device tutorial or, if you're an AT&T customer, call us 24x7 at 1-800-331-0500.
*Mobile Protection Pack consists of Mobile Insurance, Enhanced Support and Mobile Locate. Mobile Insurance is underwritten by Continental Casualty Company, a CNA company and administered by Asurion Protection Services, LLC, a licensed agent of CNA. AT&T Mobile Insurance is not available for and does not apply to BlackBerry® PlayBook™, phones on GoPhone® accounts, tablets with prepaid data plans, AT&T 3G MicroCell™, device models not sold by AT&T,or docks. Enhanced SupportRequires qualifying device and data plan. Data charges may apply. Functional computer and broadband internet connection required in some cases. Mobile Locate service is provided by Asurion Mobile Applications, Inc. Wireless data usage charges may apply.

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